PVision’s LED Outdoor Vertical Poster Displays

Historically, to be able to deliver outdoor digital visual communications the size of the display that was needed to get the message across was enormous and thus the price tag scared away many including the brave.

Now, through the improvements in Outdoor LED technology, a new medium of LED is available from PVision. The Outdoor LED Vertical Poster Display uses either 8mm DIP LED, 6.67mm DIP LED or an industry leading 5.0mm SMD LED solution, this results in the ability to cater for budget and image quality within one product range.

These portrait Goliath’s stand to a height of 2.3 metres (excluding the floor stand) and are 1.35 metres wide. This creates a communication canvas area of over 2.8 square metres.

Brightness levels of up to 7000 nits allow these displays to be viewable in direct sunlight and thus require to be toned down at night via an automatic light meter. The content can be delivered in a variety of methods depending on your needs.

Contact the PVision showrooms in either Johannesburg or Cape Town to make an appointment to view Outdoor LED Vertical Poster Displays, you will not be disappointed.