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Transform Any Digital Display Experience

Our collection of sensors and controls offers the ability to create unique interactive journeys wherever Digital Signage is applied. In retail environments, these instore experiences engage your audience by inviting them to explore merchandise, providing more info through visual or audio content and offering selection guidance while setting the right atmosphere with lighting effects and communicating the brand’s story.

Engaging Digital Solutions

Nexmosphere technology automatically generates user-data upon interaction with the merchandise. This gives brands and store owners valuable info about shopper demographics, behaviour, and -presentation design success rate.

Product Technologies

Pick-up Sensors

Use this technology to easily transform existing store installations into interactive ones with minimal effort.

People Detection

Sensors that detect and analyze presence, distance and demographics of the people in front of your digital signage.

LED Lighting

Use our LED controllers to enhance storytelling or create visual guidance to help a shopper find the right products.

Audio Switching

Easy and seamless switching of an incoming audio stream from one speaker, soundbar or headphone to another.

Sensing Surroundings

The ambient light sensor can be applied to adjust screen brightness and contrast based on the ambient light conditions.

Push Buttons

The implementation of buttons allows conversion from static digital signage, into interactive and responding presentations.

Security & Sensors

Wired pick-up sensors are easy to mount on any product and can be used as an active security device with animated LEDs.


Enable bi-directional communication between the connected 3rd party device and the Nexmosphere Controller.

Audio Players

Our audio players work hand-in-hand with your digital signage software and connect to your content management system.

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